What are the tricks to quickly make money in FIFA Ultimate Team?


Money is the sinews of war, the more you credit and you can quickly acquire good players and get good performance on the field. You’re going to have it assume the role of the accountant of your club and do it properly if you do not want your team to sink into the bottom of the rankings. You will indeed have to analyze the market constantly transfers to sell and buy players at the lowest cost to earn credits in the transaction.

The cash management of your club is an integral part of this game mode. The easiest and fastest way to make money in FUT will play season games (online or not). Your team will at the same time participate in events or tournaments based on their availability. You thus granting credit in case of victory or following the performance of your team.

Another possibility to earn money in FIFA Ultimate Team will be to sell players as well as items. You can quickly get money early in your part by doing the task manager. To do so, go to the “My club” and “Task Manager”. Then perform the activities required to learn more about this game mode and get many awards. Free FIFA 17 Coins
Matching between strategy and players of the club:

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) does not stop there way since the links between the members of your team will be taken into account. You will need to count on a good group cohesion to hope to have a good team and not only rely on individual exploits.

More you play consistently and more you increase the understanding between the players in the group. You will be able to see a collective score from 1 to 10. To do this, first of all study the placement of your players so they play in good conditions. For a quick example, there will be no interest in playing as a striker Lionel Messi in defense.By doing this you will reduce the player’s performance in question but also moral.

More players will be well organized and more you will get good performance in your games, increasing the morale and cohesion of the group. Important: Be aware that some players will be able to play several positions. Nevertheless they are efficient for these players will be quite expensive generally in the manner of Thomas Müller who can play in midfield or attack, or Cristiano Ronaldo (winger or striker).

You can quickly see if the position where you place your player via the good green, orange or red. “Green” will tell you that the instructions and place chosen for the player will be perfect. “Orange” indicate that there are several problems in your training. A circulation average ball placement play means, etc. Finally the color “Red” indicate that the position chosen for the player is not at all suitable. You will have to redial your team otherwise the cohesion will be poor and you will have to fight hard to find creativity and movement during matches. Hack FIFA 17

The affinities between the players of the club:

Finally, group cohesion will not happen as the tactical point of view but also of complicity. Two players of the same nationality have more affinity between them. This will allow you to better move the ball well and you create opportunities to score more easily. It’s the same for membership in the club. Two players from the same club will be more succeptibles to find and create complex sets of mechanisms (one two, distant passes, etc.)

Finally, the fact that both players be in the same league as influence their affinity. You will quickly see these links via the line “Green”, “Orange” or “Red” explaining that they have a good relationship or not in the field.


Clash Royale Tips

In recent years, Supercell has become one of the leading game developers for mobile devices. Their success reached an all-time high with Clash of Clans and in 2013 generated nearly 900 million revenue. Slightly slow down and Clash Royale could be exactly what the company needs to get back on. Here is the launch trailer giving players a better idea of what to expect from Clash Royale. Clash Royale Hack

Clash of Clans has seen a turmoil of angry players since a new update has changed a huge way of the game, and there are countless threats about ending in the clash forums about players. It is possible that some make the switch to another game, starting fresh, with Clash Royale.


Supercell, the Finnish studio, thinks that Clash Royale can be his next great success. However, as we said above, it is not available around the globe just yet. This week is the soft start on iOS only, and available in selected regions like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand and of course their home country Finland. No US release has yet been confirmed, but if the game looks successful and growing popularity, we can expect other regions to follow quickly, and possibly release for Android.

Users will collect cards from all of their favorite clash troops, royales, baby dragons, spells, and more, then be able to use them to attack in a round-based multiplayer fight with all their friends, or just the regular multiplayer -System.

This top-down RTS style game is not considered a sequel to Clash by Supercell, but many have already begun to make it so simple because the characters and overall look and feel. Both games will be separated and developed by different teams to advance, and users can find more information by going to the new Clash Royale website.

In Clash Royal Gold is the backbone of the war, it is necessary to improve your cards or buy new ones. Improvement costs are very high and it is common to wait a few days to require the gold for these improvements. I’ll give you some tips to earn gold quickly.

In Clash Royal you can make money in different ways:

  • By opening the chests.
  • Give cards.
  • And naturally by real money in the game.

The way easier to make money in Clash Royale is open wooden chests, silver, gold or crown crowns. Try to open them as soon as you can by doing a few parts a day. This is the easiest way to do what no gold is evil. Clash Royale Cheats

The second way to get gold is to donor card in your clan.Some players think that winning cards is stupid. True, it’s hard, but give cards you can get XP and 5 gold for all community cards and 50 gold for all rare cards.You can give up to 60 cards per day, giving 300 gold a day and 2,100 gold a week (more if you have a lot of rare cards). Giving cards, they will be able to buy 1-2 epic cards! It would be crazy not to take this approach because these epic cards you can buy are much more difficult to get the cards you can give.